Your Ultimate Guide to Earning Bitcoin on Stacker News in May 2024

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Welcome to your essential guide on harnessing the power of Stacker News to earn Bitcoin! If you’re an enthusiast of platforms like Reddit or Hacker News, but curious about diving into the world of Bitcoin rewards, you’re in the right place. We’re breaking down every corner of, showing you how to earn, engage, and excel. Stick around as we unwrap the steps, strategies, and secrets to making the most out of this exciting platform.

Getting Started on Stacker News

Welcome to Stacker News (SN), a vibrant digital community where content creators and curators are rewarded in Bitcoin for their contributions. Think of it as the next evolutionary step from platforms like Reddit or Hacker News, but with a delightful twist: sats rewards!

Setting Up Your Account:

  1. Visit the Platform: Head over to the Stacker.News website.
  2. Choose Your Path for Signup/Login:
    • Lightning Fast: For utmost privacy, opt to log in using a Lightning wallet, such as Phoenix.
    • The Classic Way: Alternatively, link your account via email, Twitter, or GitHub.
  3. Set Up Done!: Once in, the system gifts you a username. Want to personalize it? Simply go to the top-right corner, select ‘profile’, and ‘edit nym’.
  4. Start for Free!: You can dive right in, posting and commenting for free (albeit with limited visibility). As you engage and earn, a minimal fee is introduced to keep quality high and spam low.
stacker news homepage

The interface prominently features a dropdown at the top with subs such as Bitcoin, Nostr, and Tech. Next to it, users can filter content by what’s currently hot, recent additions, or top-engaged posts.

For user convenience, there’s a post button for sharing, a search function, real-time Bitcoin price updates, and a login for fuller community interaction.

The core of SN is its post feed, inviting users to actively engage in lively discussions and share their insights.

With its straightforward account setup and user-friendly interface, diving into Stacker News feels seamless. Now that you’re geared up, let’s discover how to maximize your stacking!

Understanding Sats and Zaps

When diving into the Stacker News universe, two terms will frequently come your way: “sats” and “zaps”. Understanding these is vital to unlocking the full potential of the platform.

“Sats” is an abbreviation for satoshis. In the world of Bitcoin, 1 Bitcoin equals 100 million satoshis. Just as cents are to dollars, satoshis are the smallest unit of Bitcoin, allowing for microtransactions.

faucets from bitcoins to satoshis

On SN, when you contribute quality content or curate by engaging with others’, you’re rewarded with these sats. It’s the digital version of earning tangible value for your insights and efforts.

Now, you might be wondering, how does one give or receive these sats on Stacker News? Enter “zaps”. Zaps are the way stackers show appreciation for content that resonates with them.

When you come across a post or comment you admire, you zap it. This sends sats to the content creator, essentially a tip for their contribution. It’s the platform’s unique way of empowering its community to reward one another for value addition.

In essence, sats are the currency, and zaps are the method of transaction. By understanding these, you’re well-equipped to earn on Stacker News.

How to Make Money on Stacker News

Let’s dive into the lucrative world of Stacker News. From sharing top-notch content and achieving daily recognition to maximizing referral bonuses, we’ll walk you through the avenues to make real money.

Contribute and Cash In: Engaging Content Rewards

creating a new bitcoin post on stacker news

At the heart of Stacker News is the spirit of community contribution. Just like platforms such as Publish0x, users are encouraged to share compelling content, whether it’s in the form of intriguing links, thought-provoking discussion prompts, or insightful comments.

But what sets Stacker News apart is that you’re getting real Bitcoin.

For every piece of content you contribute, fellow stackers have the option to reward you by zapping your post or comment with sats. The more engaging and relevant your contribution, the higher the chances of racking up a substantial amount of sats.

Maximizing Your Earnings:

  • Quality Over Quantity: Focus on adding value. A well-researched post or a detailed, insightful comment can earn more sats than multiple low-effort submissions.
  • Stay Updated: Being among the first to share breaking news or current events can significantly boost your visibility and sats earned.
  • Engage Actively: Respond to comments, engage in meaningful discussions, and keep the conversation flowing. Active contributors often find themselves on the receiving end of more zaps.
  • Understand Your Audience: It’s essential to know what resonates with the user base. Dive deep into trending topics and cater to the interests of the community.

Remember, your contributions are the currency of community engagement. The more effort and thought you put in, the more you stand to earn. So, keep those posts insightful and conversations engaging!

Climb the Ranks: Daily Top 21% Recognition Rewards

daily rewards page on sn

Earning on Stacker News isn’t solely about individual zaps; there’s a bigger game in play. Each day, the platform recognizes and rewards the cream of the crop—the top 21% of contributors whose posts and comments have captured the community’s attention.

Every 24 hours, the SN algorithm evaluates all contributions from the previous day. If your content falls within the top 21% in terms of engagement and quality, you’re in for an extra sats windfall. This isn’t just based on zaps received, but takes into account a myriad of factors, ensuring that truly engaging content rises to the top.

Strategies to Secure Your Spot:

  • Consistency is Key: While one viral post is great, regularly contributing valuable content increases your chances of landing in the top 21% more frequently.
  • Engage Beyond Your Posts: Comment, debate, discuss. Being active in other discussions can drive users to check out your content, boosting its visibility.
  • Leverage Visuals: If relevant, incorporate images, infographics, or charts to make your posts stand out and capture attention.
  • Time Your Posts: Identify when the platform is most active and post during those peak hours to get maximum eyeballs on your content.
  • Feedback Loop: Pay attention to feedback, both positive and negative. Adapting based on community response can fine-tune your content strategy.

Securing a spot in the top 21% is a testament to your content’s value and the impact you have within the community. So, gear up, aim for excellence, and watch those sats pour in!

Refer and Reap: The Bonus Program for Referrals

sn referral page

Stacker News doesn’t just reward you for the content you produce—it also offers a golden opportunity to earn by bringing others into the fold. Let’s dive into the referral bonus program, a feature designed to recognize and reward those who spread the word.

For every new member you usher into the Stacker News community, a two-fold reward awaits you:

  1. Earn a 2.1% commission on all the sats they accumulate through their content contributions.
  2. Bag a 21% commission on all the sats they spend on features like boosts or job listings.

Strategies to Broaden Your Referral Base:

  • Leverage Your Networks: Share tailored content links on your social media, blog, or newsletters. Make sure it’s relevant to your audience’s interests to pique their curiosity.
  • Educate and Engage: Host a brief tutorial or webinar on the perks of Stacker News. Showcasing its unique features can entice more sign-ups.
  • Use Engaging Media: Craft eye-catching graphics or short video clips explaining SN benefits. Visual cues often drive higher engagement.
  • Personal Touch: Share personal success stories or testimonials about your journey on Authentic experiences resonate deeply.

Referrals can be a continuous source of sats if leveraged smartly. By recommending Stacker News and guiding newcomers, you can build a passive stream of earnings. So, reach out, refer, and watch your rewards rise!

Join the Fun: Winning Big with Meme Monday Contests

Stacker News isn’t just about serious discussions and insightful content. They’ve injected a dose of fun into the mix with their weekly Meme Monday contest. Every Monday, creativity, humor, and Bitcoin come together in a lively competition, where the prize is a whopping 25,000 sats.

The rules are simple: craft the best Bitcoin meme and earn the adoration of the community, and of course, those valuable sats.

How does it work? Throughout Monday, stackers post their most hilarious and inventive Bitcoin memes on a dedicated thread. When the clock ticks over to Tuesday, the meme with the most upvotes under the “top” filter takes home the prize.

To maximize your chances:

  • Stay Relevant: Tailor your meme to current Bitcoin events. Timeliness can give you an edge.
  • Quality Matters: Ensure your image is clear and text is readable. The more polished, the better.
  • Engage with Others: Upvoting and commenting can create a buzz around your meme, making others more likely to check it out.

Unsure about how to post an image? Stacker News has got you covered. Simply visit their documentation here for a step-by-step guide. Happy meme-making, and may the funniest meme win!

Secure Your Earnings: Regular Withdrawal Strategies

stacker news withdraw page

Stacker News, beyond being an engaging content platform, is also your gateway to tangible Bitcoin rewards. It’s essential not just to earn, but to ensure those earnings safely transition to your control. Here’s a look into the withdrawal process and some strategies to make the most of it.

To begin, simply click on your wallet balance. This central hub will present you with options to fund, withdraw, or even peruse your transaction history. SN leverages the speed and efficiency of the Lightning Network for withdrawals.

You can generate an invoice from your Lightning wallet, making it a quick and secure method. Alternatively, if you prefer visuals, you can use a QR code for an easy scan-based transfer. Lastly, a Lightning address offers a direct way to send your funds exactly where you want, simplifying the withdrawal process.

If you encounter any issues with your withdrawals, don’t hesitate to visit their GitHub Issues page for assistance and troubleshooting.

Maximizing Earnings with Withdrawal:

  • Batched Withdrawals: While it might be tempting to cash out immediately after a big earning post, consider batching your withdrawals. Aggregating your sats over a week or month might reduce transaction fees.
  • Safety First: Always ensure the destination is correct. Double-check before initiating any transfer.
  • Stay Updated: Stacker News or your wallet platform might occasionally update their withdrawal procedures or fees. Keeping abreast of these changes ensures you’re not caught off-guard.

Remember, while earning on Stacker News is a rewarding journey, securing those earnings is equally paramount. Adopt a strategic approach to withdrawal, balancing both your earning aspirations and the pragmatic realities of Bitcoin management.


In the evolving landscape of online platforms, Stacker News emerges as a standout, not just for its engaging content but for the tangible rewards it brings. Every post, every comment, and every interaction has the potential to be more than just a fleeting moment on the internet; it’s an opportunity to earn.

By creating or curating content, referring new members, or simply being an active participant in the discussions, you’re not just enriching the community, but also your Bitcoin wallet.

What’s more, with the flexibility and security of the Lightning network underpinning withdrawals, the earnings cycle at Stacker News is as streamlined as it gets. The platform truly combines the best of content curation and financial reward, creating a unique space where knowledge, engagement, and earnings intersect.

If you’ve found value in SN, consider sharing the allure with others. By engaging, sharing, and helping to grow the community, you’re setting the stage for even more vibrant discussions, diverse perspectives, and, of course, increased earning opportunities for all.

Curious about diving in or want to spread the word? Explore and share the world of Stacker News through this link. Here’s to a community that learns, earns, and grows together!


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