RollerCoin Mining Review: Deciphering the Line Between Legit Play and Scam Concerns

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Dive into our RollerCoin review, where we demystify this Bitcoin gaming platform’s allure and potential pitfalls. Ever wondered if RollerCoin is worth your time, or if it’s just another online fad? With insights from a top 10 player and avid community participant, we’ll shed light on the platform’s mechanics, community engagement, and the quest of being a “Collectooor”. Stay with us to discern whether it’s a legit opportunity or just another web scam.

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What is RollerCoin?

RollerCoin (RC) is a unique game that combines Bitcoin mining and online play. Launched in 2018, it lets players earn real Bitcoin, and other cryptos, like Ethereum and Dogecoin.

In this mining simulator game, you build a virtual mining facility. And the power generated by this setup enables you to claim a portion of the Bitcoin block reward every 10 minutes.

This blend of fun and profit is one-of-a-kind.

At the time of writing, over 3.9 million players have joined. The platform has grown fast in the Bitcoin-gaming world. It offers an easy way for beginners to learn about cryptocurrency mining.

But it’s not all games. RollerCoin has a strong community. Players chat, share tips, and grow together.

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How Does RollerCoin Work?

Getting started on RollerCoin is a breeze. All you need is an email address, a password, and you’re in! No long forms, no identity checks. Simple, right?

Once you’re registered, you can start playing mini-games right away.

Playing mini-games isn’t just for kicks; it helps you get crypto mining power. The more power you collect, the more real-world Bitcoin you mine. And that’s how you earn free Bitcoins.

The heart of RollerCoin is your virtual data center. This is where your mining happens. You can boost its power by playing games or buying virtual miners from the store or the marketplace. If you’re all about that efficiency, you can buy miners with real money or earned crypto.

Speaking of the marketplace, it’s where you can buy or sell various in-game items. It’s also the place to get your hands on those rare miners, if you’re keen on collecting them.

As for withdrawals, you’ll be happy to know it’s pretty straightforward. Most withdrawals get processed within 48 hours. You can cash out in Bitcoin, or other cryptos, whichever you prefer.

Features of RollerCoin

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s delve into the standout features that make RollerCoin so engaging and rewarding. Want to maximize your earnings? Don’t forget to check out our earning guide for insider tips and strategies!


list of mini-games in rollercoin

Let’s talk about the mini – games, one of the standout features in RollerCoin. These simple games do more than just entertain; they help you earn mining power, which you can turn into real Bitcoin. There’s a game for everyone, from puzzles to skill-based challenges:

  • Coinclick
  • Token Blaster
  • Flappy Rocket
  • Cryptonoid
  • Coin-Match
  • Crypto Hamster
  • 2048 Coins
  • Coin-Flip
  • Dr. Hamster
  • Token Surfer
  • Lambo Rider

And new ones are added to keep things fresh.

As for ease of use, it does depend on your device. Some games are more comfortable to play on a PC, while others shine on a smartphone. Either way, the interface is user-friendly, making it easy to jump in.

But be warned: playing hundreds to maximize free power can feel repetitive. So it’s good to mix it up.

Here’s an exciting perk: after you win a mini-game, you might get a random drop: free RLT, extra mining power, miners and parts. It’s a little bit of a lottery, making each win even more thrilling.

Curious about how much power you can earn? It varies by game and skill level. If gaming isn’t your forte, no sweat: The games are beginner-friendly. And you can always gain power through other means, like buying virtual miners.

If you’re looking to get the most out of this feature, check out our mini-game strategy guide for pro-tips and tricks.

Overall, mini – games are a fun and functional core to the mining simulation game. And they provide a way to enjoy yourself while growing your crypto assets.

Task Wall

rollercoin task wall featured tasks and competitions

Another feature that deserves a spotlight is the Task Wall. This is your go-to place for earning RollerCoin’s in-game currency, RLT, through completing various tasks.

You’re not just limited to mining or gaming to grow your assets; you can also tackle tasks ranging from mobile games to desktop activities and even surveys.

So how does it work? Simple. You pick a task, complete it, and the reward usually appears in your wallet within 5–10 minutes. But sometimes, the platform’s partners manually check task completion, delaying your reward for up to 7 days.

Also, be cautious, as some partners have a reputation for not paying out tasks.

But there’s more—Task Wall also features two competitions: a Weekly and a Grand one. These competitions rank players based on the RLT they earn from completed tasks. And the top performers in both competitions earn extra RLT.

Ease of use is pretty straightforward. However, the timing and availability of tasks can vary, depending on your location. So, if you’re wondering why a particular task isn’t showing up for you, it might be a regional thing.

In summary, the Task Wall is a versatile way to earn and compete. If you need a change from the mini-games, it offers a practical avenue for growth. But keep an eye on reward delays and unreliable partners.

Data Center

rollercoin data center tab

So, you’ve aced mini-games and tackled the Task Wall. But have you dived into the Data Center yet? This is where the real mining action happens in RollerCoin. Imagine it as a virtual mining farm you build up, where each miner you place helps you earn real Bitcoin.

Setting up your mining Data Center is pretty simple. You buy racks and miners with either RLT or RST (the season token), place them in your virtual space, and let them do their thing. The more efficient your setup, the more you can earn in Bitcoin.

You have up to four rooms to unlock, and each room costs RLT. But choosing the right mining machine can be tricky. You have to consider factors like raw power, bonus power, and supply.

While the drag-and-drop interface is user-friendly on a PC, it’s less convenient on a mobile device due to the screen size.

Additionally, if you’ve amassed a collection of miners, replacing weaker ones with more powerful units is clunky. The Items Panel lacks sorting options and requires too many clicks, especially if you’ve got a hefty inventory.

Your Data Center isn’t loading? This is a known bug; refreshing the page usually resolves it, though sometimes multiple refreshes are needed.

To sum it up, the mining center is crucial for anyone looking to seriously earn on RollerCoin. It’s where strategy meets potential gains, even if the interface could use some fine-tuning. And if you run into that pesky loading bug, just refresh and carry on.

Daily and Weekly Quests

rollercoin daily and weekly quests

Want to boost your RollerCoin earnings and add some zest to your gameplay? Daily and Weekly Quests are your go-to feature. These quests are timed tasks that reward you with RST and RLT, adding another layer to how you can amass wealth in the game.

The tasks are diverse, spanning from mini-games to the Task Wall. Sometimes, they even involve spending RLT in the marketplace or on merges.

What’s the benefit? Well, the quests give your gameplay structure and a sense of direction. Plus, completing them means extra RST and RLT in your pocket.

Ease of use is a mixed bag. The quests are straightforward to understand and complete. However, some can be time-consuming or require a good chunk of resources. If you’re a casual player, this could be a bit overwhelming.

You might wonder, “Do I have to complete all the quests?” Nope, they’re optional, but recommended if you’re serious about maximizing your earnings.

In a nutshell, Daily and Weekly Quests are a rewarding but optional part of RollerCoin. They’re great for players looking to optimize their in-game earnings. But keep an eye on the clock and your resources; some quests might ask more of you than others.

Contests and Events

season 8 event pass landing page

Craving more action and bigger rewards in RollerCoin? Keep an eye out for special Contests and Events. These aren’t your everyday features; they offer additional perks like increased mining power, extra RLT and RST, and even exclusive game items.

Whether it’s through art contests usually hosted off-site or in-game progress events, these special activities give you the chance for higher gains and inject some fun variety into your gameplay.

Let’s talk specifics. Progress Events usually last about a week and focus on completing tasks to earn XP. The more XP you collect, the better your rewards. Then there’s the Event Pass, a feature that levels up your game, literally. Complete Event Quests, earn XP, and unlock free or premium rewards.

But hold on, what’s the catch? These events can be time-consuming and sometimes even require you to part with in-game resources. So, if you’re juggling multiple in-game activities, this could be a distraction.

In short, Contests and Events offer an exciting way to boost your RollerCoin experience and earnings. But be prepared to invest time and perhaps some in-game resources. They’re optional, but highly rewarding for those who participate.


sell batteries on the marketplace

Thinking about converting your in-game assets into actual profits? The RollerCoin Marketplace is where you’ll want to be. Whether it’s miners, parts, or the newly added feature of batteries, you can sell them all for RLT, the game’s currency.

Here’s where it gets interesting: the marketplace operates on a dynamic pricing model influenced by supply and demand. For the savvy player, this provides an opportunity for significant gains by selling high-demand items.

However, navigating this marketplace isn’t a cakewalk. It demands time, effort, and an understanding of how external factors like sales events and crafting changes can impact asset prices.

The interface is simple, but not necessarily efficient. Expect multiple clicks to browse products. One particular issue to note is that filters get reset when you return to the marketplace listing. This means that you’ll have to reapply your filters every single time, which can be tedious and time-consuming.

So, while the marketplace offers valuable opportunities, be prepared for a bit of a navigational challenge.

Referral Program

rollercoin referral program terms

The Referral Program allows players to earn a 15% commission on any store purchases made by the people they refer, and a staggering 25% commission on their mining profits.

While it may sound like easy passive income, there’s a catch: these commissions are paid in RLT, not directly in Bitcoin. To actually cash out, you’ll need to invest those RLT earnings back into buying miners, which in turn help you earn Bitcoin.

The process, like with affiliate marketing, is quite simple: you share your unique referral link, attract new players to the game, and earn commissions based on their activity.

But it’s not all rosy.

First, the actual recruiting of new players can be time-consuming. Second, your earnings are directly tied to how active your referrals are in the game. Inactive or minimally active referrals won’t contribute much to your RLT earnings.

Overall, the Referral Program offers a valuable, though not entirely effortless, way to supplement your RollerCoin earnings. It requires a strategic approach and wise investing to yield actual cashable profits.

Pros and Cons

Like any platform, RollerCoin has its share of upsides and downsides that cater to different types of players with varying interests and skill levels.


  • Accessibility: One of RollerCoin’s strongest points is its user-friendly interface, making it approachable even for crypto novices.
  • Diverse Earning Opportunities: From mining simulations to mini-games and daily quests, the platform offers multiple avenues for earning Bitcoin.
  • Real-world Rewards: The fact that you can earn real Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies adds a tangible value to the time you spend on the platform.
  • Educational Value: For those new to the crypto world, RollerCoin offers a risk-free way to understand basic concepts like mining, trading, and using a digital wallet.
  • Community Engagement: With a strong, active community, the platform is more than just a solo experience. Tips, strategies, and camaraderie are just a server away.


  • Resource Intensive: To maximize earnings, players need to dedicate significant time, especially for events and quests that require active participation.
  • User Interface Issues: While generally user-friendly, the platform could improve in areas like filter memory in the marketplace and better miner sorting in the data center.
  • Unpredictable Ecosystem: The RollerCoin team can change asset prices and game rules, sometimes without much notice, affecting your in-game strategy.
  • Complexity: While the game is accessible, mastering the marketplace, and strategizing on the best miners to purchase can be overwhelming for beginners.

Weighing the pros and cons can help you decide whether RollerCoin is the right fit for your gaming and earning preferences.

Is RollerCoin Legit?

One of the most common questions newcomers have is about the legitimacy of RollerCoin. Let’s break down the factors that contribute to its credibility.

RollerCoin places a high emphasis on security. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is available. And the platform uses encryption technology to secure personal data and transaction details.

Founded in 2018, the platform has established a level of transparency by providing ample documentation, regular updates, and an active social media presence. Their terms of service, as well as their mining Disclaimer and User Warranties, are open for public scrutiny.

The platform offers a responsive customer service. They are reachable via email, and generally provide timely assistance.

With over 3.9 million registered players, and over 9 million visits per month, the RollerCoin community is both extensive and active.

RollerCoin provides multiple options for withdrawing earned cryptocurrencies. And users have reported successful withdrawals, which is often the ultimate test for a platform’s legitimacy. The platform scored 95.4 on

In conclusion, while all online platforms carry some degree of risk, the evidence points to RollerCoin being a legitimate and generally reliable platform for those interested in combining gaming with Bitcoin earning.

User Reviews

After analyzing multiple user RollerCoin reviews across different platforms like Trustpilot, Reddit, and Quora, some common themes and trends emerge:


  • Customer Support: Users overwhelmingly praise the customer service of this online game, stating that the support team is fast, responsive, and helpful.
  • Ease of Play: Many find the game intuitive and enjoyable, allowing them to earn cryptocurrency while having fun.
  • Consistency Rewards: Players who are consistent in their gameplay and strategy mention noticeable gains, with some even discussing their earnings in real-world currency.


  • Profit Margins: Some players find the profit margins, especially for small players, too narrow. Reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold can be frustrating and time-consuming.
  • Fairness and Transparency: Users have raised questions about the network power dynamics, suspecting possible manipulation, though there is no concrete evidence to substantiate these claims.


  • Game Bugs: Some users reported issues like loss of energy or in-game resources, though most also mention that customer support resolved these issues quickly.
  • Investment for Higher Gains: Several users pointed out that they needed to invest real money to make significant gains, making it less attractive for free-to-play gamers.
  • UI/UX Concerns: Users noted that the interface could be more user-friendly, especially when managing inventory or navigating through the marketplace.

Overall, the RollerCoin reviews suggest that the platform is generally well-received, but not without its flaws. Players appreciate the mining game’s unique blend of fun and financial gain, but wish for greater transparency, more balanced profit margins, and improved user experience.

Alternatives to RollerCoin

If you’re intrigued by the concept of earning Bitcoin and real cryptos through gaming or simplified mining processes, but want to explore alternatives to RollerCoin, there are several other platforms to consider.

  • Bitcoin Miner: Bitcoin Miner is a free-to-play simulation game that rewards you with Satoshis. Just like RollerCoin, it gamifies the mining process. The game has a mission-based structure, allowing you to level up and complete tasks for extra rewards. Use the code ‘R4GF6X’ to claim +30 Nodes.
  • NiceHash: Rather than gamification, NiceHash leverages your computer’s spare computational power to mine Bitcoin. Unlike RollerCoin where you need to buy virtual miners, NiceHash uses actual computational power from your PC. All you need to do is download the miner software, and it runs in the background.
  • BitKong: BitKong is a game of chance where you can win Bitcoin. The platform presents a ladder-climbing game, where your choices determine how high you climb and how much you win. Unlike the mining simulation, BitKong is purely a game of risk and reward, offering a more casino-like experience.

Each of these platforms has its own unique selling points and downsides. Whether you’re looking for a more gamified experience, a passive income stream, or a high-risk, high-reward scenario, one of these alternatives might suit your needs better than RollerCoin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RollerCoin a scam?

RollerCoin is generally not considered a scam; it has built a community of daily users. It has been reviewed positively on platforms like Trustpilot, and its scoring on Scam Detector is over 95, indicating high trustworthiness. However, like any online platform, it’s essential to exercise caution and do your own research to determine its suitability for your needs.

How much can I make with RollerCoin?

The amount you can make with RollerCoin varies based on several factors, including your mining power and your involvement in games, quests, contests, and events. Some users report earning small but consistent amounts, while others who invest more time or even real money report higher earnings.

Can I earn money on RollerCoin as a F2P player?

Yes, you can earn money on RollerCoin as a Free-to-Play (F2P) player. However, the earning potential for F2P players is generally lower compared to those who invest real money into the game. The rate at which you accumulate rewards will depend on your activity level.

Which cryptocurrency can I mine in RollerCoin?

You can mine a variety of cryptocurrencies in RollerCoin, including RLT (RollerToken), RST (Roller Season Token), DOGE (Dogecoin), BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), BNB (Binance Coin), MATIC (Polygon), SOL (Solana), TRX (TRON), and LTC (Litecoin).

How to withdraw money from RollerCoin?

Withdrawing money from RollerCoin is generally a straightforward process. You’ll need to navigate to your in-game wallet, select the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw, and enter the amount and destination wallet address. After confirming the transaction, you’ll usually receive your funds within a couple of days. It’s worth noting that as of now, withdrawals are not available for TRX and LTC. For a step-by-step guide and additional details, be sure to read our withdrawal guide.

How does RollerCoin make money?

RollerCoin makes money through RLT purchases, the native tokens used for various in-game transactions. In-game purchases of items like miners and racks also contribute to revenue. Additionally, Event Passes offer another avenue for income; players can buy these for special rewards and advantages in events. Task Wall commissions, where players complete tasks from third-party services, provide another revenue stream. The platform also gains from advertising revenues and levies fees on marketplace sales, where players sell in-game assets.


In this RollerCoin review, we explored how the platform uniquely combines gaming and Bitcoin mining. Users can earn virtual tokens and real-world Satoshis by engaging in an array of mini-games, quests, and special events. Additionally, the RollerCoin marketplace and referral program offer more avenues for income and tactical gameplay.

That said, the platform isn’t without its challenges. The marketplace can be complex for beginners. And earning significant amounts may require an investment of time or even real money. The referral program, although promising, is contingent on the activity level of those you refer.

Despite these challenges, RollerCoin offers a creative and interactive way to dive into the world of Bitcoin without the need for specialized hardware or technical expertise.

So who would benefit most from RollerCoin? If you’re new to the Bitcoin world and are looking for a less intimidating entry point, or if you’re a gamer who wants to earn while you play, RollerCoin is a solid choice.

Intrigued? Give RollerCoin a try and dive into the world of gamified Bitcoin mining. With a variety of activities and potential earning strategies, there’s something for everyone.

9.1Expert Score
RollerCoin Review

RollerCoin offers a gamified mining experience with potential for earning real Bitcoin. While it has a few limitations and bugs, its many activities are great for those who enjoy gaming and are interested in casual crypto mining.

Ease of Use
Earning Potential
  • Accessibility
  • Multiple Earning Avenues
  • Real-world Rewards
  • Educational Value
  • Resource Intensive
  • User Interface Issues
  • Unpredictable Ecosystem

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