Join the Icy Adventure: Miner-Blasters Unite!

rollercoin icy blasters event

Icy Blasters is here, and it’s a total blast on RollerCoin! From January 26th to February 9th, you’re invited to join a thrilling mission to collect a squad of nine unique miner-blasters. Each one comes from a series of captivating events, challenging you to fight against the dangerous inhabitants of a mysterious planet.

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Crafting the Ultimate Miner: Eclipse Energion

Here’s the scoop: once you’ve gathered all nine miner-blasters, you’ll have the chance to craft your very own Eclipse Energion miner, boasting an incredible 11,800,000 Gh/s and an additional 5.5% Bonus Power.

eclipse energion miner
Eclipe Energion Miner

This crafting extravaganza takes place from February 10th to 12th, so don’t miss it!

Remember, you’ve got to start the crafting process manually.

Also, to snag the Eclipse Energion miner, you’ll have to burn the miner-blasters you collected, a small price for such a powerhouse in Bitcoin mining.

Embark on Diverse Missions

Now, let’s break down your missions during Icy Blasters. Each event is a unique opportunity to obtain your miner-blasters, starting with the Blasting Sale 1 on January 26th.

These events include flash sales, progression events, and crafting challenges, each with miners of varying Gh/s power.

EventDateMinerPower (Gh/s)
Blasting Sale 126 Jan – 28 JanPlazma Rifle238,000
Icy Blasters Puzzle Event26 Jan – 30 JanVin’s Cannon272,000
Weaponcraft, Part 126 Jan – 30 JanIceGun517,500
Frozen Treasure Progression Event31 Jan – 05 FebSoda Cannon724,328
Weaponcraft, Part 201 Feb – 05 FebHoward’s Gun255,000
Blasting Sale 202 Feb – 05 FebTusk Gun483,000
Forever Blasting Progression Event05 Feb – 09 FebArma 5551,400,000
Blasting Sale 305 Feb – 09 FebSL-Calver1,225,000
Weaponcraft, Part 306 Feb – 09 FebLoud Blast1,312,500

These events are your ticket to assembling the ultimate miner-blasting squad.

Quests Galore: Puzzles and Rewards

The first challenge is about to kick off, so get ready to dive into a world of Event Quests. Not only will you progress through levels with each quest, but you’ll also uncover random puzzle pieces revealing hidden rewards.

Keep an eye on their socials starting January 26th to stay on top of every icy blast:

These quests are not just about winning; they’re about discovering the fun in Bitcoin mining.

Boost Your Mining with Icy Blasters

This event is a fantastic way to boost your mining power while enjoying a frosty, fun-filled journey.

So, grab your virtual gear, and let’s mine your way to victory in Icy Blasters! As a warm welcome, you’ll pocket a nifty 1,000 Satoshis to kick-start your mining empire.


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