RollerCoin “Hi-Tech Dreams” Contest Unveiled!

rollercoin hi-tech dreams miners art contest

Attention, all art and digital miner enthusiasts! There’s an exciting update from the world of RollerCoin, and it’s certain to spark creativity and ambition among participants. The “Hi-Tech Dreams” contest is on!

The Return of the Miners Art Contest

The much-anticipated Miners Art Contest has made a comeback. This year, the theme centers around the intriguing concept of “Hi-Tech Dreams.” Imagine a world where vibrant colors intertwine seamlessly with futuristic elements. A vision that promises an artistic delight!

But that’s not all. Participants stand a chance to delve into an impressive RLT reward pool. The rewards? Absolutely tantalizing!

The Rewarding Details of Hight-Tech Dreams

There are three main categories to look out for:

  • Community Case: The top 10 designs will be showcased here. Winners will receive RLT rewards that decrease in value from the top spot of 2,500 RLT, but remain enticing throughout. Additionally, capturing the creation process could earn an extra 1500 RST.
hi-tech dreams community case rewards
  • Event Miners: A category without limits! Outstanding designs will feature in forthcoming in-game events. Winners will receive 500 RLT and a copy of their miner.
  • Honorable Mentions: Designs that are outstanding but aren’t incorporated into the game will fall here. These entries will receive 150 RLT for their commendable efforts.

For those interested in joining the community and trying their hand at free Bitcoin mining, there’s a special incentive. By signing up through this RollerCoin link, new users will be awarded 1,000 satoshis for free!

Diving into the Theme

“Hi-Tech Dreams” is an amalgamation of colors and state-of-the-art technology. It evokes images of neon cityscapes intertwined with technologically advanced elements.

Empowering the Community with a Vote

This contest champions the spirit of community. All are empowered to select the top designs for Season 10’s Community Case. Stay tuned for voting updates on their social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Key Guidelines to Remember

For those eager to participate, here are essential pointers:

  • Designing the Miner: The design should be fun, engaging, and unmistakably a miner.
  • Emphasize Originality: Entries should be original and devoid of imitations from past winners or other sources.
  • Animation: Transitions should be smooth and coherent. Overly flashy elements are discouraged.

And for further inspiration, RollerCoin has showcased previous contest winners on their announcement.

For a comprehensive understanding of the style preferences and more detailed guidelines, you can refer to RollerCoin’s official style guide here.

Technical Considerations

A few more elements to ensure success. Participants are encouraged to share the inspiration behind their designs. This could be in the form of photographs, artwork, or even videos. Additionally, documenting the creative journey can yield extra rewards.

Before submission, it’s crucial to ensure that the design meets all criteria set forth by RollerCoin. For in-depth technical details and guidance on miner design, visit RollerCoin’s official technical guide here.

Submission Time for Hi-Tech Dreams

Once the masterpiece adheres to all guidelines, it’s time for submission. Best of luck to all participants!

In conclusion, for those keen on optimizing their RollerCoin mining experience and maximizing rewards, consider exploring our RollerCoin guide. It offers insights and strategies to enhance your journey.


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